New Club Banners

New club trading banners for Brisbane Taylor Bridge.

After prolonged discussions over several months, a decision was finally taken to order some club Banners.
Thanks to Steven Bennett’s brother for the tip on the supplier.Russell Hampton and Co are a well known and reputable company working out of the USA.
I have tonight ordered 40 items, similar to the ones in the picture with;
Brisbane Taylor Bridge    District 9630     Australia
under the Rotary Wheel.
Estimated delivery time is the end of October 2014.

Focus Meeting

Subjects covered and highlights included;

  • Cameron was our first time Chairman & handled the role beautifully.
  • International Toast for Rotary Club of Singapore .
  • Mary-Ellen drew an Ace but wanted the Joker in the Heads & Tails.
  • Ted spoke about events (upcoming) but they will be covered in events area
  • Although it was not a motion moved, the club agreed to accept the quote for $370.00 for new brochures.
  • Elisa brought up the manning of a car park (3 times in the year) that would need 6 volunteers from the club. (Centenary project) We agreed to go ahead.
  • Greg Killoran needs photos urgently of the presentation to Montrose.
  • Stephen needs names for Membership night.
  • We have two nominations for RYPEN.. Louisa Ganko & Chloe Bury.

Tattler to go electronic!

In the very near future our “Tattler” will become an “E Bulletin” which will be automatically distributed to all members, Ambassadors, Friends of Rotary and District 9630 Officers who have requested it.

At this weeks board meeting it was decided to phase out The Tattler, a very time consuming publication in favour of an electronic bulletin.
Investigations to enable this to happen are ongoing and we should have an announcement soon.