International Student Food Relief Project

Food relief boxes for trapped students.

 At the Rotary Club of Brisbane Taylor Bridge, we developed a new community support program for overseas students studying at our universities and colleges.

These students pay full tuition fees as well as for rent, travel, food, and other necessities, and would normally hold down jobs waiting tables, serving drinks and many other vocations while studying.

 Unfortunately, most of these establishments are were closed and international students were not entitled to any financial relief from either Federal or State Governments.

The Rotary Club of Brisbane Taylor Bridge decided to support these students with the introduction of our ‘International Student Food Relief Project’ where members packed the boxes at Cilantro Fresh, Corinda, ready for distribution through ‘Unidas Somos Mais Fortes – Together We Are Stronger’.                       

A huge thanks to Cilantro Fresh for letting the club use their premises, and donations of rice and pasta, as well as helping with ordering non-perishable goods such as canned beans, tomatoes and other foods, long-life milk, and cooking oil. The relief boxes also contain fresh fruit and vegetable staples.

Thank you to the team from Simon George & Sons for their generosity in donating some of those fruits and vegetables.

Also, thanks to Ben from J H Leavy’s Darling Group, who not only arranged access to wholesale prices, but he also donated delivery of the first boxes, and is incredibly supportive of the project.

In addition to the food, some boxes had included hygiene care packs sourced from Project MOM, Nim Prasad’s project, which are included to help with both mental and physical health and wellbeing.


 The club has also received support from the Rotary Club of Brisbane International, who cooked and donated 50 curried chicken and rice meals, and the Rotary Club of Jindalee for their cash donation.


Total Funds Raised - $2,740.