Containers for Change

Containers for Changes was adopted as a fundraiser for the club after research by PP Craig Clarke showed it was a unique and effortless way for members and friends to raise much needed funds for the projects we under in the community.

Members simply drop the refundable items at any drop off or deposit point using our club identifying number, and the funds are deposited directly into our club bank account.

In February 2015, the newly elected Palaszczuk government indicated a total overhaul of the state's environmental policies including supporting a national container deposit scheme and also a state based container deposit scheme.

In May 2015, the Queensland government announced its support for a Cash for Containers scheme in Queensland.

The QLD environment minister said he was inspired by trash that was sent to his office.

Eventually, on 22 July 2016 announced that State would have a Container Deposit Scheme "to get drink cans and bottles off our beaches, and out of our parks and public areas".

Legislation implementing the scheme was introduced in 2017.

Queensland's container refund scheme, known as "Containers for Change", started on 1st November 2018.