St Jude’s empowers Young Women

“Some people believe that girls are not supposed to go to school or get a good education. They should stay at home and do the chores and wait for marriage. What I want to say is that girls can make changes. Girls can educate society and become future leaders. Girls can change the world!”
These are heart-felt words from one of our current St Jude’s girls about to finish primary school. Juliana knows what many other girls in her community, without the chance of a St Jude’s education, are facing and it’s bleak.
It concerns me when I hear about girls as young as 12 taking care of younger siblings, nursing sick relatives or being a carer for a parent rather than sitting in class. They may never attend school again.

This is why I’m taking a scary and thrilling step for St Jude’s: opening another school – a girls’ secondary school!
It’s the next step for St Jude’s, and a giant leap of faith for me! A leap I can boldly take because I have good people like you at my side.
Why a secondary school? And, why for girls? A new secondary school for girls means more girls able to compete in the workforce, more graduates accessing higher education and future generations with a role model and mentor to ensure they reach their potential too. Educated women ensure their children are educated, healthy and are empowered to change the world.
With more girls to educate, staff to employ and a campus to renovate, our resources need to stretch even further. I know you are already supporting us in a big way as a sponsor, but I’d love for you to share our news with a friend and encourage them to support us so that more girls like Juliana can drive change and tip the scales in their own favour. 
With thanks,