QCWA, Still Relevant?

Tonight we heard from Norma Lovelace, a longtime member of the Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA). 
Norma has a long history with the QCWA, which was established in 1922. Norma outlined the history, growth and role of the CWA in Australia.
The Country Women’s Association of Australia (CWAA) is the largest Women’s NGO in Australia with over 17,000 members. Its objective is to advance the rights and equity of women, families and communities in Australia through advocacy and empowerment, especially for those living in regional, rural and remote Australia.
Its membership is diverse and includes women from all age groups; from urban and rural areas; from indigenous, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities; both working and retired.
For more information, there are several publications available and most could be found in your local library. 

Past President Jamie Knowlman thanked Norma for her time and insight into the QCWA and their worldwide affiliates.