Sherwood Welcomes New Top Cop.

Sgt Michael Coulson, O.I.C., Sherwood Police Station which manages the Sherwood Policing District. Station has 18 Police operating through 24 hours per day. In general, the district has a low crime rate, so their role is to maintain public safety and gain the trust of the community. 

He spoke of crime in our area and mentioned that 50% of intrusions are result from doors being left unlocked so he counselled us to lock our doors ( including cars) and not to leave keys in obvious places such as kitchen benches. He also counselled us to be aware of strangers in the area. 

Given enough notice, Sherwood Police are happy to set up a stall at Community events. Coffee with a Cop is such a community engagement where the Police set up a stall at a shopping centre or similar where the public can meet Officers, have a chat and afterwards enjoy a beverage at their expense. 

Michael also mentioned that Snr. Constable Matt Shaw was the officer at Oxley’s Police Beat. Matt can also discuss many areas of police interest with the club. 

To report a crime, phone PoliceLink on 131 444 or visit Sherwood Police Station between 8.30 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday or call on 07 3716 4011.