Guest Speaker: Ian Miller, Principal, Milpera State High School

Members listened intently to the presentation by the Principal of Milpera State High School, Ian Miller, on the role, structure, students and needs at the School. Milpera is a unique school where the student population is entirely made up of migrants or refugees with little or no English language capabilities. The primary aim of the School is to lift the level of English to a standard where the students can return to mainstream education at other schools or to pursue TAFE or tertiary studies.
Currently, the School has a student population of 180 from 22 different countries, ranging from Year 6 to Senior Level. Students remain at the School until their language proficiency would allow them to transition to other schools, which can take months or years. There are four graduations each year.
The School has 180 volunteers registered to provide support for the team of dedicated teachers. Discussions included how our Rotary Club could assist.
President Margaret presented a Thank You Certificate to Ian, with an undertaking that we would donate 20 doses of vaccine under Rotary’s PolioPlus Campaign in his name.