The Cycle Continues.

Congratulations to Georgia Newton on her graduation from the District 9630 Youth Exchange Program.
Last night at the Graduation Dinner Georgia was one of the three keynote speakers.
The first two speakers used PowerPoint presentations but Georgia was able to convey the highlights of her year in Germany with words, her enthusiasm and passion.

The commitment to the Rotary Youth Exchange Program is for three years.Georgia has now completed two of these.
The first year consists of their application, interviews, selection and training.The second year is their overseas exchange.The third year, which Georgia has just entered, is the give back year. Georgia, along with the rest of her cohort yesterday attended their Debrief Session where they sat with the District 9630 YEP Committee and hold discussions on their year away.Discussions cover everything good, bad and ugly. This allows the committee to make program and training changes as required in specific areas.
The cohort will attend District Conference where they will play a support role in looking after and mentoring our current overseas inbound students.They will also attending the District Interviews for prospective 2016 Outbound students and then attend the September training camp.

The 2014 YEP Rebound Cohort during one of their debrief sessions with District 9630 YEP Chair, PP Wendy Howitt.

Georgia with the complete 2014 Outbound Cohort.

The Taylor Bridge contingent (Minus Charli Newton) paying close attention.

Georgia and her Dad, John Newton post graduation.