Focus Meeting

Subjects covered and highlights included;

  • Cameron was our first time Chairman & handled the role beautifully.
  • International Toast for Rotary Club of Singapore .
  • Mary-Ellen drew an Ace but wanted the Joker in the Heads & Tails.
  • Ted spoke about events (upcoming) but they will be covered in events area
  • Although it was not a motion moved, the club agreed to accept the quote for $370.00 for new brochures.
  • Elisa brought up the manning of a car park (3 times in the year) that would need 6 volunteers from the club. (Centenary project) We agreed to go ahead.
  • Greg Killoran needs photos urgently of the presentation to Montrose.
  • Stephen needs names for Membership night.
  • We have two nominations for RYPEN.. Louisa Ganko & Chloe Bury.